A Letter From Coach...

by Benny Dargle

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, I have been named as the head coach of the Cleveland Crunch for the 22-2023 season. I have been working with these players for the past 2 months. We have a string of home games coming up starting January 28th, and I am asking for help in getting a good turnout for these upcoming home games.

I have lot of respect for the group of guys I am coaching. They play because they love the game, each other, winning, and most importantly, the fans. In a nutshell, they play for all the right reasons, and do it well. Our collective goal is to bring another soccer championship to Northeast Ohio.

I am asking if we all can get the word out and share the information about upcoming home games and on how to get tickets. The new field at the IX center holds over 1,500 people, and I would love for these players to experience the joy and excitement of having a loud, and rowdy crowd behind them. Northeast Ohio has some of the best fans in the U.S, and I am hoping we can get together and make it a special event for our 6 home games in the next 3 months. I can promise everyone they will not be disappointed by this group of players.

Thank you,

Benny Dargle

VISIT https://www.ticketswiftevents.com/event-collection/cleveland-crunch TO SUPPORT THE CRUNCH AND PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS TODAY! We hope to see you at the first home game.